Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eggplant "Manicotti"

I have never cooked eggplant before. I mean, I've cooked eggplant that was frozen and breaded, but never from scratch. The first eggplant we bought for this recipe was a little beaten up, but Market Basket is the best grocery store ever, and they took it back the next day, no questions asked.

Anyway, this is a pasta free dish. The "manicotti" is the eggplant. Of course, in preparation of this dish, I sliced some of my "pasta" too thin, so it got a little toasted and unusable.

This was a big hit with the fam. Even our cat came off the couch and was prowling around, hoping that we'd give her some. She could use it, considering that this dish's calorie count is below 250. Yummy!

The exciting thing is that I only have one more dish to do this week. That will be a salmon dish, so come back soon!


Melanie said...

Sounds great! Can't believe the calorie count is so low. With what is it stuffed?

matbathome said...

The filling was fat free ricotta and parmesan with basil. I also made a kind of homemade sauce, although I've discovered that market basket purred tomatoes aren't the best.

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