Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Rules...

So, here are the preliminary rules. I reserve the right to change them. :)
  1. I only have a small family, so it doesn't make sense for me to cook a different recipe every day. I will cook at least 3 new recipes a week from the book.
  2. I may substitute dried herbs and spices when the recipe calls for it, but only if the spices come in large quantities that I can't possibly use or when the small fresh package is too expensive. A good example is cilantro. It comes in a giant bunch and I can't possibly use it all.
  3. I may take vacations/sick time off.
  4. I'm ok with subistituting 1% for whole milk, that sort of thing, as long as it makes the dish less calories.
  5. I won't publish the directions because that would be stealing someone else's materials. Buy the book yourself if you want the recipe.
  6. On my first week, I'll probably only do one recipe. I have to get prepared for this.
  7. Since the book is broken up in different things like appetizers, soups, etc, I will do it in the order I choose. I don't want to do 3 dishes of fish straight in one week, so I'll try to break it up a little. I'll come up with some sort of spreadsheet to keep track of it all.
Any other rules I should add?


Melanie said...

I think at the end you need to choose your favorite recipes and have a dinner party!

Katrina said...

Do you deliver? ;) Just kidding!! This is SUCH a great idea! Clever title, too.

Katrina said...

Word to the wise: always use fresh cilantro. The dried *never* tastes like cilantro.

matbathome said...

If they sold Cilantro in reasonable quantities, I wouldn't hesitate. I just hate throwing things like this out.

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