Monday, May 10, 2010

Hollandaise Sauce via Eggs Florentine

Yummy! I've never eaten Hollandaise Sauce before and my wife says it's supposed to be fantastic. I thought I'd try it for Mother's Day.

Eggs Benedict calls for some sort of meat, like ham, and I thought I'd do a non ham version, and use spinach instead, thus making Eggs Florentine. It came out awesome. We have so much left over, we are going to be eating this for one more day.

So, here's what I did. Through testing, I've become an expert at poaching eggs in the microwave. I'm way better at that then doing it in a pot of hot water. I tried the pot of hot water once, and it came out horrible. So, I'll tell you about poaching an egg in a microwave. First, I put a small amount of water in a teacup. Then, I  put a whole egg yolk in there. I cover the teacup with saranwrap, then microwave this for 35 seconds (my microwave is powerful, so it's only 35 seconds to cook but keep the yolk runny. It might be longer in your microwave). Meanwhile, I have a pan heated and I'm wilting some spinach. In addition, I take a whole wheat english muffin, toast it, and lightly butter it. By now, the microwave has beeped. I'm doing all this while keeping the hollandaise sauce warm.

Finally, I take the toasted english muffin, put down a layer of wilted spinach first, then the poached egg (which I got out of the teacup with a slotted spoon), then the hollandaise sauce.

It's the perfect Mothers Day meal. And the sauce is only 50 calories. Not sure how healthy that whole poaced egg is though. :)


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