Thursday, May 27, 2010

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies or I FINALLY whipped some eggs whites

Yay for me! I finally whipped eggs properly. This has taken me many tries to master. And when I mean whipping eggs, I mean the chemical process in which the whites turn from clear liquid to a white, fluffy meringue. That's one of the secrets to this recipe and how the recipe goes from a small amount to an amount that makes 20 cookies.

The other secret is the dough is mostly cannellini beans. It sounds weird but it actually works pretty good.

The consistency isn't quite a cookie. It's something else, almost a wafer. It's really light. It's also INCREDIBLY chocolatey! Like dark chocolate chocolatey.

With that being said, this cookie only comes in at around 50 calories, while a normal cookie comes in at 200 colories. You could eat 4 of these to equal 1 normal cookie.


Katrina said...

I might have to try this one! Beans? Really? Also - perhaps a strange question but your previous egg white whipping attempts: were they in plastic? I ask because if there is even a drop of fat the egg whites will not fluff (and plastic absorbs fat...)

Alli's Onederland said...

I wanted to pop by and tell you how much I appreciate your blog. I now have the book and will be popping in to see your reviews before I make anything. My first recipe will be the "Magnificent Mayonnaise". I'm really excited about that one :).

matbathome said...

Hey Katrina - I used a metal bowl. Something I used this time was the whipping attachment to the hand mixer. I just thought I could use the mixing attachment to the hand mixer but that doesn't work.

The whipping attachement is a much thinner metal material, so I think more air gets sucked into the egg mixter.

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