Saturday, May 8, 2010

Individual Thin Crust Pizza

I know I've already done the deep dish pizza. But sometimes you just want a crispy thin crust. Rocco has the answer with this recipe.

The two tools you will need for this one are a rolling pin and a pizza peel. I don't have either and didn't feel like spending the money. So, for the rolling pin, I used an aluminum water bottle I had sitting around. This bottle is the kind that you get as a giveaway at trade shows, with a company logo on it. Mine was 8", so it worked perfect, as long as I covered it with flour before I started rolling.

For the pizza peel, I covered the back of a baking pan with cornmeal and slid it onto the hot pizza stone. My first attempt did not work at all and it was a complete disaster. To the point that I had to scrape it off the pizza stone and reroll it, which wasn't the best idea. I saved this individual crust for myself, since it had mutated to some weird shape that didn't look too appetizing.

The second and third attempts worked better, however, it was still problematic. My cooking sheet is not a flat one, so the pizza dough would kind of fold onto the pizza stone. So, it looks like I'll be buying a pizza peel.

I've noticed two kinds of pizza peels, ones that are raised and pretty cheap, and ones that are almost completely flat but expensive. Based on my experiences with the baking sheet with a lip, I'm definitely going to look for a flat pizza peel. I'm going to check out Christmas Tree Shop today to see if they have any flat ones. For those who don't know, Christmas Tree Shop is a kind of discount bargain store, where you can find all kinds of miscellaneous stuff really cheap. It has stuff like factory close outs and what not. It's the kind of place a grandma would adore.

By the way, this pizza comes in at around 200 calories a serving. And it's very yummy. And the pizzas that I did right looked like they came for some foofy fancy restaurant.


J-Lo said...

Does this use the same sauce and turkey pepperoni as the deep dish pizza?

I had never heard the term "pizza peel" before today. (Who knew you were supposed to peel pizzas before eating them?) I actually have one the long handle wooden ones, but it is primarily for decoration.

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