Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baked Beans and Barbecue Sauce

I originally did this recipe on September 9.

This is a two for one special here. Because I needed to make the barbecue sauce and baked beans, and because Rocco's baked beans calls for Rocco's barbecue sauce, I did both at once. They both came out great. The barbecue sauce was actually a lot sweeter then what you would expect. And, putting them in the beans didn't dilute the sweetness enough. My wife mixed rice into her portion of the beans and it definitely helped. With the left over sauce, I also made my version of sloppy joes, which came out good too. I added in some water to cut down the sweetness.

I don't really like baked beans. I'm not sure why, maybe because they taste like the can they come in. These didn't have that canned flavor.

Normal baked beans are around 200 calories. Rocco's baked beans are around 100 calories. Normal barbecue sauce is around 150 calories. Rocco's bbq sauce is around 25 calories.


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