Friday, April 30, 2010

Apple Pie

Ok, a fair warning here. This falls into more of the "Apple Crisp" category here, rather then "Apple Pie". I tweaked the recipe a little and included a crust, so mine is closer to a pie then a crisp. It's the oatmeal top that makes it more "Crisp". I think a pie should definitely have a pie top and bottom. Anyway...

This is low calorie because it has no sugar. The only two sweeteners are Truvia and Splenda. And, on a whole, I think this tastes pretty good. One of the elements to the crust is crushed pecans, which give it a rich flavor. 130 calories a server is great, too.

Ok, so that's all for this week. I have a busy day tomorrow, so I wanted to get all of these recipes down before the week was done.


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