Friday, April 30, 2010

Turkey Tacos

One of my favorite foods is tacos. I have a recipe my mom gave me with is out of this world. Honestly though, it came from Betty Crocker, so it's not authentic at all.

Rocco's recipe doesn't stray too far from my own in it's basic ingredients. It just doesn't have the "spice pack" that mine has. I'd say Rocco's tastes a lot "fresher" then mine, because all the ingredients are fresh, of course!

One of the key ingredients is fresh salsa. He doesn't make you make your own, although that would be good. Instead, he recommends using fresh salsa from the produce section of any grocery store. Market Basket sells an awesome brand and it tastes incredible. I can't remember the name off the top of my head, but it's the only brand they carry. It really pushes this taco to another level of goodness.

The other things that he has that I don't put in mine: tomatillo salsa, greek yogurt, and black beans. The tomatillo salsa I found that was great was from Trader Joes. The greek yogurt replaces sour cream, and it works really great as a replacement. Fat free sour cream is so bland. And the black beans add a nice flavor to it, so it almost because burrito like.

I'm not sure this is really lower in calorie then the tacos I make. I did notice that we had a lot left over and we ended up eating this three nights straight. A definite keeper in my book.


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