Saturday, April 3, 2010

A New Feature in the Kitchen!

So, based on the recipes I've tried, and curiosity as to whether I could make things better, and the advice of friends who know a lot more about cooking then I do, I decided to get some fresh herbs. First, I went online here, and discovered a suggestion as to how to keep herbs fresh for around 2 weeks. Then, I went to the grocery store. Almost all produce sections have fresh herbs in these little containers. These things are way too expensive. They also have herbs in big bunches. So, I bought both fresh basil and parsley.

Then I went home, cut an inch of stem off both, and put them in glass jars with a little water. You can see the photo on the left. The basil looks a little anemic but it tastes great, as you'll find out in my next post. The parsley looks like it will do fine here.

The flowers were an easter gift to my wife. They haven't opened yet, hopefully soon.

Note: I now realize that one of the recipes I'm trying this week calls for flat leafed parsley and I got curly parsley. Oops.


Katrina said...

This is great! You can purchase a basil plant soon and keep it going all summer long (just pinch the leaves off and new ones grow in their place! And don't let it 'flower' since the basil gets bitter by then.)

Flat vs. curly: I'm pretty sure there is no difference except for how it looks. They taste exactly the same. :)

Bon appetit!

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