Monday, April 19, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie

A good chicken pot pie just warms the heart. One that comes in at 300 calories a serving is too good to be true. But this one is definitely a keeper.

Like I've mentioned before, Rocco's recipes are good, normal size portions. There isn't this skimping on size like most low calorie foods. And to top it off, this recipe is incredibly easy.

I used a mixed bag of veggies and got a rotisserie chicken at Market Basket for $3.99. Just carve the chicken and shred some of the meat up with two forks.

By the way, these rotisserie chickens are great because you can use them for so much more. We are also going to use these in chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. But if you plan the recipes right, you can make a bunch of different recipes with the same ingredients. For instance, the chicken quesadilla and the chicken and dumplings both use rotisserie chicken. 

My wife and I loved this recipe, so we will definitely add this to our regular repertoire.


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