Saturday, April 3, 2010

Deep-Dish Pizza

Why would anyone mess with pizza? It's perfect in in concept: cheese, bread, meat, sauce. Rocco decides to tackle this high calorie challenge. The results are amazing.

Yes, what you see on the left is a whole wheat crust (actually, I used 80% wheat because I'm trying to use up some white flour). But what you also see is homemade sauce, home made dough, turkey pepperoni, low fat cheese, some pineapple, and lots of basil. The result is awesome. The basil really pushes it to the next level. It makes it a fancy pizza instead of a normal pizza joint pizza. I also used a little cornmeal on the pan and that kept the crust from sticking to the pan. It added a nice texture to the crust.

I could eat this everyday, if I was allowed. It's filling, it's not greasy, and it has great flavor.

Note: I've pulled out my decent camera for the last two posts and I hope to continue using it. My camera phone camera doesn't have all the bells and whistles my Nikon has. I think you will notice that the pictures look much better.


J-Lo said...

I can vouch for this pizza, it was even good as a microwaved leftover. I managed to convince Matt to give me a leftover piece when his lunch plans changed :-)

I think I got the piece on the front left.

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