Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fillet of Sole Meuniére

I found the right fish this week! It took a while. I discovered that Trader Joe's has this fish in the frozen section. So, while doing the cheese fondue that wouldn't properly melt, I did the fish as well. This also comes with a side of spinach.

I thawed the fish the night before. I was surprised how many fillets come in one package. It was only a pound but this one had at least 8 fillets. That means, following Rocco's recipe, that each serving was 2 fillets.

The thing about this was that my fish fell apart in the pan. My suspicion is because it was frozen, it no longer had the consistency of fresh fish. That was the only frustrating part of this dish. Everything tasted great otherwise. All of this was around 260 calories.


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