Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cheese Fondue with Apples and Radishes

Alright, so my first time cooking with alcohol. I don't normally drink, since every time I have had a drink, I've gotten terribly sick. So, I took a chance with this Rocco recipe. By the way, normal cheese fondue nearly has 1500 calories. This one comes in at 248.

Here is the first lesson I learned. Never use Sargento cheese for anything! Even if it's the last cheese on earth. I swear, the stuff is made of plastic. From now on, I will only use Cabot, especially for things like this. Cabot is at least real cheese.

Anyway, I followed the directions perfectly. The issue was that Sargento just won't melt. It sticks to a rubbery form. This thing sat in a pan at medium heat for 10 minutes. Finally, I put some in a bowl, microwaved it for 2 minutes, and it started to melt. Not totally, but mostly. If you look at the picture, you can still see some bits that wouldn't melt.

Other then the problem with Sargento cheese, this recipe was amazing. I loved it. It had so much flavor. Definitely a keeper.


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